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Lloyd Langford


Lloyd Langford

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A prolific writer and performer, Lloyd Langford is proving himself to be a highly sought after act with his striking combination of natural wit undercut with a playful curiosity. Born in Wales but currently living in London, Langford's act is an ever-evolving mixture of personal anecdotes, memorable one-liners and topical material.

"One of the sharpest comedic minds on the circuit" - The Guardian

"A lugubrious Welshman with a knack of turning out juicy one-liners, Langford is a rising star" - The Guardian

"A rich tapestry of jokes at his command" - The Independent

"The sharpest of comedy instincts and an innate grasp of timing and pace...Makes stand-up look deceptively simple." - Chortle

"His laidback, charming approach to comedy makes him instantly likeable" - Time Out

"Some really fine gag. A lovely contrast of this very benevolent delivery with some quite edgy material." - The Observer

"A quick and instinctively funny mind" - Metro

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