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Steve Harris


Steve Harris

1998 Northwest comedian of the year

1998 Finalist of BBC new comedy awards

1998 Finalist of 'So you think you're funny'

1998 Film reviewer on Collins and Maconie's movie club

1998 The Loafers, BBC Choice (Guest)

1999 Warm-up for BBC's National Lottery

1999 Wrote and presented 'Made in Manchester' for the BBC

2000 Wrote, directed and starred in 'Mick's Nuts' a sketch show for MTV

2001/2002 Leeds and Reading festivals

Headliner at all the UK's top comedy venues

2002 Starred in 'The Bet' a short movie for the BBC

2002 Break-dancing security guard, The Ralf Little Show, BBC Choice

31st Dec 2002 The Weakest Link with Anne Robinson (Entertainment special)

"Fancy dancing, quick one-liners and a surprisingly good singing voice" …….Daily Post

"Nobody has made rap this funny since Vanilla Ice" ……Echo

" Steve Harris is a hip-hopping, gag-spinning bundle of joy, go see him now before he gets too big" …….City Life

"Quit simply, fantastically funny" ……….BBC's website

"Refreshing" ……Daily Mail

"He's Caustic but witty, and for the first time tonight the only comic who was actually funny " ……The Guardian

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