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Andrew Bird


Andrew Bird

Born in Northampton and brought up in Towcester, Andrew moved to London three years ago at the age of 21 to pursue his comedy career. "I used to work part-time in a pub in Towcester and used to think of stupid things to say to make the old blokes laugh. I started making notes of them so I wouldn't forget and next thing I knew I had two massive note pads of this rubbish! So a few people said to me: 'you should do comedy', but it's not that easy to do when you're in Towcester."

Not dissuaded by his surroundings, young Andrew packed up his joke books and headed for the glitz and glamour of…..a talent night at Northampton College. "It was my first gig. A girl I knew was doing drama there and it was all drama students doing extracts from Shakespeare plays and little girls doing ballet with their parents there. Then I walk on at the end going: 'the thing about rubber johnnies is…' it didn't go down too well."After his first gig he took the comedy bull by its comedy horns and began setting up his own gigs in and around Towcester. Andrew has played at:The Comedy Store, Jongleurs, Screaming Blue Murder, Headliners, The Comedy Café, Bound and Gagged, Mirth Control and on the Avalon Comedy Network. 'One of the hottest prospects in stand-up'-Time Out

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